"I didn't tell that woman to lie under deposition.  I told her to lie 'dere, in 'dat position".  -Bill Clinton.

    "There is only one thing I hate more than Racism...Fillipinos".  -Tim Minchen.

    "You want sauce on that calzone?".  -K.C. Cary.


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K.C. Cary's Official Website.

I like music.  I have a lot of friends who are very good at playing music.  I have other friends who are good at listening to music. If you have a picture that you would like me to add to the slideshow to the left,  just send it to kccary@gmail.com and I'll throw it on in there.

                                             Your Pal,  KC

Make it good; no one will see it, and I won't share it.  No one will see it because no one is going to visit this web site.  I won't share it, because I don't know how to.