The K.C. Cary Biography

          "The Farce Awakens"


  This self-deprecating genius is a study in contrasts.  So good at so many things, he has spent a lifetime doing a half-ass job pursuing a variety of interests.  As a professional musician, he has played every crappy bar/restaurant in the lovely state of New Jersey.  He wasted ten years working at an alternative high school for emotionally disturbed teens.  He prefers not to discuss his all-too-brief career as an exotic dancer (ended due to a tragic onstage groin pull).  As an author, he remains unpublished.  His autobiography, "How Many Consecutive Poor Life Decisions Did I Have To Make To End Up Right Here, Right Now?" should change that.  A prolific Songwriter and Composer, he is currently working on the follow-up CD to his groundbreaking 1998 masterpiece "There's A Moon Over The Trailer Tonight".  Tentatively called "Beautiful and Blue", and produced by Black Potatoe Records founder Matt Angus, the CD will be released in July of 2016.  K.C. is looking forward to returning to performing live as soon as his ankle monitor is removed.